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    To leave a review, simply get your customer to tap their smartphone on the card. This will open a direct link to your Google Reviews page, where they can share your feedback and rating in seconds. Instantly boosting customer engagement and your review count.

    Any business wanting customer feedback can benefit. This includes restaurants, hotels, retail stores, online shops, service providers, and more.

    We’ll ensure your card is connected to your Google Business Profile before sending it, so you can use it right away.

    No software is required to use our review cards. However, it’s important to note that customers will need a Google account (Gmail) to leave you a review on Google.

    While results may vary, our service has helped businesses collect an average of 10-30 reviews per day, with some receiving even more. The number can be endless. The actual results can depend on the level of customer participation and the size of your customer base. We had one business that received over 20 reviews in one day with our reviews card!

    Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the Reviews Card?

    Does the reviews card expire?Are there any other fees or subscriptions?Does the card work if I have a service based business with no address?

    Own more than one Business?

    I want to buy multiple cards and split them across different businesses. Can I do that?Can I order more than 10 cards?


    How long does it take to arrive?Do I need to pay for shipping?


    My Google review card isn't working properly. What shall I do?Can I use the Google Reviews Card with an iPhone or Android?Do I need to programme my reviews card?What if I need to change the link on the card?

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    Nope. With Review Card, there are no barriers to the number of reviews you receive using our card. We’ve designed our solution to enable endless review collection where customers can tap the card to leave reviews in seconds.

    No, the Reviews Card is built to last indefinitely, providing lasting benefits for your business

    No subscriptions or hidden fees—just a one-time purchase of the card. Enjoy unlimited taps with no strings attached.

    If you have a service based business with no address, we would need your Google review page link. Follow the steps to access your link and paste it in the business address section when ordering.

    Log into your Google Business Profile.

    Look for your business on Google Search and click the link that states the number of reviews you have.

    Now select the “Get more reviews” button. There’s your Google reviews link. Copy and paste into your order.


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    Customers can leave reviews without having any contact with the card

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    Your customers are redirected to your review form at ease

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    Business is all about speed that's why all orders are Next Day Delivery!